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Privacy, release and policy.


Texas Cast Academy is committed to protecting the privacy of our supporters, our customers, and visitors to our web site. Our commitment to your privacy guides us in how we collect and use all personal information.
We encourage you to read this document to understand our objectives for collecting and using information. This document also states how to contact us concerning the personal information you transmit to us through online transactions and electronic communications through this website.
Information We Collect
For each visitor to our website, our web server automatically recognizes the user's IP address. In addition, our web server automatically collects certain non-personally identifiable information, such as the type of browser being used and the visitor's Internet Service Provider.
We use cookies to record information about visitors to our website, such as which web page visitors’ access. This information helps us to evaluate the effectiveness of our site so we may provide useful content to visitors.
In addition, we collect personal information (such as the name, postal address, telephone number and email address) of each customer who purchases tickets online through our website as well as those who communicate with us through electronic mail. For delivery and communication purposes only
How We Use Information
We value your privacy and we Do NOT sell your information, we are very protective of our students. Our website is encrypted with the highest paid level of security and consider your information and ours very valuable. 
Makeup Use and Application in Studio and Events Release
I hereby acknowledge that while the application of makeup is generally regarded as safe, that allergies, or reactions to makeup products (including, but not limited to; cream makeups, liquid latex, spirit gum, and spirit gum remover, and all fix makeup products), and mistreatment of, products and tools by my child can result in injury. By enrolling at TCA, I agree to release TCA of all liability. 
Additional Releases 
I have carefully considered all risk involved in this activity of this school and hereby agree to release Texas Cast Academy and their respective employees and affiliates of any personal injury to my child which could result from participation in services offered at the school

I hereby acknowledge that all brushes and makeup products sanitary and sanitized between every makeup application.  Any skin condition should be reported by myself to the makeup artist prior to the application and, if need be, a sample test of makeup may need to be performed on the skin to test reaction. 

I understand that Texas Cast Academy and their employees and respective employees are not held responsible for complications may result in leaving the facility without assisted removal of product including, but not limited to; Including, but not limited to; cream makeups, liquid latex, spirit gum, and spirit gum remover, and all fix makeup products. 

Publication and Media Release
By registering my child at are property of Texas Cast Academy I acknowledge that Texas Cast Academy classes are on camera classes and all media including but not limited to recordings and photos are property of Texas Cast Academy. Texas Cast Academy retains all licenses worldwide to use all Media including but not limited to images and audio, video recordings etc for any purpose in perpetuity. This agreement is irrevocable, worldwide and is perpetual. 

I understand that by registering my child at Texas Cast Academy, I am consenting to all of the above and I am a consenting adult with the ability to make decisions for the registered student. Or I am a consenting adult student and agree to terms above.

Our students have been featured and published in news items, Fashion Magazines, NYFW, AFW, IMTA, PFW, HKFW, and more and have enjoyed the exposure and publicity Texas Cast Academy has provided them. TCA is provided first time media publishing to over 98% of our students. That we say is incredible.

Participation Release

Our classes are skill based and recreational and you acknowlege that your child is in good physical health and able to participate

If you have any questions please contact us at
4606 FM 1960 RD W, Ste 312
Houston TX 77069
Texas Cast Academy at


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